Finding a Reliable Cleaning Service in Toronto

As long as there are dusts to sweep, molds to clean and messy spaces to deal with, cleaning service providers won’t cease to exist anytime soon. People may consider having a cleaning service at home or in other places a luxury but it’s undeniable that most of them think that employing this type of business as favorable. In fact, homeowners and shop owners may lower expenses by contacting a dependable cleaning service as an alternative to hiring full-time personnel or worker.

Generally, cleaning services may take many forms such as routine cleanup of rugs or furniture, specific cases of window cleaning or dry-cleaning etc. and Toronto offers a great selection of them. You can find a whole lot of good, undiscovered or well-known company in the urban community that can accomplish the cleaning for you but it’s best to realize initially what needs to be done, whether it’d be for general housecleaning or just scrubbing, before looking at the city’s Yellow Pages. When you do know what’s needed, you can ask for recommendations from friends or anyone who is working with or might know any effective cleaning expert. You may also want to hunt down potential cleaning service poviders in the city through resources in the community and on the web. Typically, you can compare prices and the quality of services from these providers upon seeing differences from their experience, competence, personal attention and reliability through reviews and getting test cleanups for your space. As additional sources, you can even ask for work references and insurance documents prior to the cleanup. The presence of both proofs can be a decisive factor.

For folks living in Toronto, employing cleaning services can also be advantageous for the system’s well-being and for the environment particularly those businesses that provide green cleaning methods and as a way of assisting the aged populace with the housecleaning. While the cost may be an concern, it really should not be the key motive for you to pick a good cleaning business. A word-of-mouth suggestion from a trusted person or a cleaning company that is recognized for excellence may be enough indication.

1. Custom Maids
Toronto, ON
(416) 488-5254

Amazing group of cleaners at a phenomenal price. They specialize in weekday service and DO NOT do evenings. But with some smooth talking you can get weekend service.
I would recommend for your home or office needs.

ps. I have a great cleaner with them and I will share their name if you ask me direct, but she’s so great I don’t want to overwhelm her with requests.

-Diane R.
Toronto, ON

Simply Clean Home & Office
2. Simply Clean Home & Office
25 St. Dennis Dr
Toronto, ON

(416) 333-6679

Man, they are awesome. they cleaned the hell out of my place and were super nice. definitely would use them again, highly recommended.

-David M.
Philadelphia, PA

3. Viktoria Professional Full Home Services
204-2660 Lakeshore Blvd W
Toronto, ON

(647) 344-1554


I’d had awful to just acceptable experiences with movers prior to using Viktoria. My expectations were not all that high booking the service. But to my surprise and delight, I had my first GOOD experience with moving thanks to Rocky and Guy.

The morning of my move from London to Mississauga, Rocky called to tell me that they had a flat tire and would be renting a Uhaul so would be a little late, but assured me that they would meet the time requirements of my condos.

That they did. And they were polite, professional, and efficient. I felt confident and comfortable with their work from the moment they started moving my things out of the unit.

At the delivery address their work ethic was the same. My friend was with me there and also noticed how great the guys were. My belongings were delivered in the shape they were picked up in and I was charged the price I was quoted.

I will definitely call Viktoria when I move again and I will suggest them to everyone I know moving in the GTA. Thanks so much guys for easing my nerves and doing a great move.

-Nicole H.
Mississauga, ON

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