How Much Does it Cost to Have a New Water Heater Installed?

You know you’re in trouble when you see cloudy and cold water coming out when you open your hot water tap. Though water heaters may generally last for over a decade, sudden breakdowns can occur. The moment this crops up, it’s ideal to look for a good replacement or a system upgrade.

For the most part, you can check if the old water heating system still suits your home or your home inspection and audit suggest that a new and better heating system is called for. A wide selection of heater types and sizes is out there for you to find and purchase and they come equip with the latest energy saving and modern technology to boot. You can take your pick from the different gas models, electric, tankless units etc.

To govern your choice of water heaters, you ought to consider the amount of hot water that you need or what your home needs, your existing line set up and the relative cost of the water heaters. Once you figure this out, you can start you search. If you’re seeking for a standard heater, you may want to overlook the brand and get a good deal with a good warranty. On average, basic water heaters on sale run about $150 to less than a thousand, depending on the make, energy efficiency and its total capacity. For instance, shopping for a tankless water heater can cost about $200 to $1,000. As for the highly efficient and extended-life systems, they clearly cost more.

Admittedly, installing your new system by yourself can save you the cost and the trouble of getting a contractor to do the set up. A plumber can cost about a couple hundred dollars. Doing it on your own can allow you to cut the installation expenses in half.

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